Chinese Medicine for Children
Ray Hoffman L. Ac.


Children are especially receptive to treatment with Chinese medicine. They are quick to respond, and the effects of even just a few sessions can be profound and long-lasting. While I treat a wide array of concerns, I have been particularly helpful to children experiencing:

  • inability to focus
  • restlessness, unable to settle down
  • sports injuries, including concussions
  • bed-wetting
  • allergies and skin breakouts
  • chronic ear infections
  • digestive problems (frequent stomach aches, choosy eating, food allergies)
  • transition to puberty (acne, menstrual irregularities, depression)

Aren't children afraid of the needles?

shoniboy With some children, acupressure and non-invasive tools called sho-ni-shin are used to activate acupuncture points without needles.  

Patients and their parents who are willing to try treatment with needles are
 assured by the fact that only the thinnest of needles will be used, and that they are generally inserted in the back of the body out of children's eyesight.  

How can children take Chinese herbs?

It may difficult for young children to swallow Chinese herb pills or drink medicinal teas. For this reason, many young patients are given these substances in a tincture. These highly effective formulas are added by droplets into the child's food or beverage for easy dosing.tincture 


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