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Ray Hoffman L. Ac.

"I have had three challenges greatly mitigated by Ray Hoffman - headaches, pain in the knee, and bladder infections.  Thanks to his remarkable skills, these problems no longer interfere significantly with my life.  I have remarkable health and activity for a 76-year-old, often walking two miles at a time."    

CF, Montclair

In our society, men are often resistant to seeking treatment for their health concerns. We are conditioned to be stoic about our problems and to wait until conditions become severe before looking to health professionals for assistance. While women generally don't think twice about undergoing annual mammogram screenings and gynecological exams, the mere thought of a digital prostate exam puts many men into a state of panic. (Raise your hand if you are breaking into a cold sweat after reading this last sentence!)

Men's general unwillingness to seek treatment for their health issues is unfortunate, as acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be especially potent therapies for a number of men's health issues.


Where do the needles go?

Many patients have concerns about the placement of acupuncture needles.  Men, especially those seeking treatment for problems with urination and sexual functioning, may be worried that acupuncture needles will be inserted into the genitals. This isn't the case! The acupuncture points most often used to treat these problems are located on the back, the arms/hands and legs/feet, as well as near the belly button. And because the needles we use are very thin, there is usually only a slight sensation of pressure at the site of needling. Many patients get used to this feeling after several sessions, and often find that it helps them to relax and focus on the positive effects of acupuncture treatments.

Prostate Health


As we age, there is a natural tendency for the prostate gland to get larger, which can often effect urinary function.  Regular acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal medicine can be very helpful in reducing many of the complaints associated with this condition, including:

frequent urination
inability to retain urine (incontinence)
constricted urine flow

urinary dribbling

Sexual Health

Another unfortunate result of aging is the decline of healthy sexual urge.  While a certain amount of decreased urge is natural (a 65-year old gentleman shouldn't be disheartened if he is not able to become aroused as quickly and potently as he was as a 25-year old!), it is also the case that an active and satisfying sex life can be enjoyed by men of all ages. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy can help men to experience renewed energy and vitality. 

Additionally, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal therapy can be used to resolve issues of male infertility, including:

low sperm count
decreased sperm motility
poor sperm morphology

Reducing Stress


Although a man living in the 21st century certainly has health advantages not dreamed of by his ancestors, he is also exposed to stressors that are unique to modern life.  We are connected to work via our electronic devices 24 hours a day, and are often expected to respond accordingly. We are exposed to synthetic chemicals in our food and water, clothing, homes, and in very the air we breathe. We are urged to stay perpetually busy, plowing through our days in a constant need for accomplishment.  Acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal therapy help the body to restore imbalances in immune, hormonal, and digestive function caused by these stressors, helping to resolve such concerns as:

anxiety and panic attacks


indigestion, ulcers, and irritable bowel disease

frequent colds

Additionally, regular acupuncture sessions give us the chance to be present in the current moment - to be still with ourselves for a few moments with no concern for striving, attaining, or accomplishment. 

Sports Injuries and Pain

Whether you are a serious athlete, a weekend warrior, or a couch potato, injuries sustained by sports activities, household chores, and work duties are men's constant companions.  Additionally, we can experience pain and discomfort from flare ups of injuries we sustained in our youth. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine ease pain and discomfort by:

unblocking accumulation at the sites of injury, allowing our bodies to heal damaged tissues

helping to stimulate the body's natural pain relief chemicals

working to reset pain response pathways in the nervous system


We look forward to helping you address your health concerns!



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